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Exhibitor SHOW A-Z TRMG Layout and page design of the exhibitor section of a well respected country fair. One of a number of show and event guides I produced the A-Z section for exhibitors at the shows over a number of years.
MAGAZINE ADVERTS ZENIT MEDIA Design of a press adverts for newly launched regional magazine. Producing a number of adverts for magazine which was launched in a couple of regions but planned for national coverage.
Brochure DEsign VENETIAN TOURS A brochure for a tour company in Venice making use of big images and laying it out so it attracts English speaking visitors to this iconic city in Italy.
Web banners And Bus Adverts LONDON EYE EXPERIENCE Photography and design of a range of web banners and transport advertising aimed at boosting visitors numbers to this iconic attraction. The challenge was to make it eye catching and appealing to a captive audience.
LOGO AND PACKAGING HYFLY RANGE Logo design and packaging for a new fly fishing range of products. Aim was to produce an appealing logo to go on all the hyfly range of packaging.
LOGO DESIGN PORTOBELLO JUICE CAFE AND BAR Aim was to design and lively and organic logo to be used on everything from drink cups, servette's, advertising material and shop frontage.
MASTER PaGES/TEMPLATES PUBLISHING EVENTS Set up templates and master pages including style sheets for a South East Guide produced for a publisher of show and event guides in London. Idea was to come up with a layout which that was clear and simple.
RADIO SHOW POSTER URBAN VIBE RADIO Designed this poster through Gumtree as a FOC project to help a newly launched radio station a few years ago. Designed this in Illustrator and Photoshop.
MAGAZINE ADVERT DESIGN ZENIT MEDIA Advert design and production for a newly launched regional magazine. Adverts for a wide range of clients from restaurants and hotels to pubs.
APP PROTOTYPE FLY MAKER APP A prototype design for a fly tying app which is designed to show people how they can make fishing flies. Designed for the growing numbers of smart phone and tablet users.
SHOP POSTERS SHREWBERRY FARM Posters produced for fruit farm in Shropshire promoting the new season fruit. Three posters designed to give the farm a choice of styles.
CRICKET SCHOOL POSTER JAMIE HEWITT CRICKET ACADEMY Marketing poster for a newly launched cricket academy the poster needed to be catchy but informative and showed pictures taken by myself at one of the academy sessions.
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