my name is kev hyatt I am a creative, which simply means I am a flexible designer I create for graphic design or have the technical skills as an artworker including tidying files up for print, building templates and style sheets, producing mocks ups. I'm also a photography – see my gallery.
WELCOME As a creative artworker I've been employed by multi-national companies and smaller design studios and publishing companies. I've been involved in show and event guide production, magazine layout and travel brochure design in print. I've also been involved in digital design as well as traditional print.
ABOUT ME I'm kevin hyatt a graphic designer from hertfordshire. I've been designing for over 15 years and worked on big brand names in the retail, travel and construction sectors. I love design and seeing an initial conception through to a finished design. 


portfolio b My portfolio covers the work I've been involved with including design and artworking skills in event publishing, magazine publishing, travel brochure production to marketing and branding materials.
Take a look at my gallery of images lots of experience with digital photography including studio work, still life and product shots. Available for bookings. photography f
What people have said about me:
kev hyatt
"I would recommend Kevin as a professional and capable designer for media organisations, agencies and beyond. He is multi-skilled and can work in a variety of environments." Stuart Dinsey, MD, Zenit Media "Kevin did a very good job for us to produce some marketing materials. Despite constant changes, Kevin was patient and his professionalism proved spot on to deliver good work." Andy Nazer, Jumbulance Trust "When I employed Kevin I wanted to find someone who hit the ground running. He certainly did that and ticked all the right boxes. He was an excellent acquisition for the company." Jamie Ringrose, former manager TRMG
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